milk for humans

Milk For Humans - Mens (Small Only)


This tee will have people looking at your chest for all the right reasons.Cows milk is for baby cows. It's not for humans to steal. 

Each time you wear this crop tank you are helping people to question why the f*#k they think it's ok to drink the breast milk of another species. 

Each t-shirt is proudly made with our ethical production house in Bali. 


100% Cotton Jersey

Vintage wash 
Wide neck

Oversize fit
Rolled arm sleeves that can also be worn long
Vegan screen print

Sizing Chart

We recommend laying your favourite shirt on a flat surface and comparing measurements to the chart below to find your perfect fit.




XS 52cm 68.5cm
S 54cm 71cm
M 56cm 73.5cm
L 58cm 76cm
XL 60cm 78.5cm
XXL 62cm 81cm