Meet the Makers

We would like to introduce you to the epic humans who

make your Vegan Leather Co. goods in Bali.


This is where your tee’s are cut, sewn, printed and packed with care.

It’s where your bags & wallets are crafted.

It’s where 30 people are employed, feel respected & paid 2 - 4 times the award rate.



Pak Yono & I started out 7 years ago with the intention

to unfuck the clothing industry in Bali.

I was naive and thought they were only in China.

We wanted to create a space for each staff member

to enjoy coming to work & create quality products.

We have grown from the two of us to 30 staff in house.

I am so proud of what we have created.

It feels good to trust that each Vegan Leather Co. piece

we have to offer is made with the highest quality.

Amy, Vegan Leather Co. Founder


Thank you for joining us on our mission to empower people

& encouraged them to plant the seeds of veganism in every day life.

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thank you for creating this brand and these products!!! I am so excited to have found you guys!!! Soo much love ♡


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