Meet the Makers



Simply by owning your Vegan the Label tee you are supporting traditional tailoring & ethical working conditions.

We are really grateful for you interesting in knowing who has helped to bring your piece to life.

Together we can start to rebuild the industry.

Simply by wearing this t-shirt you are planting seeds of change to help grow a better world. Until all the cages are empty.

We would now like to introduce you to people who have helped to bring your piece to life.

Pak Yunus

Meet Pak Yunus. We started dying together 15 years ago when he was working for the wicked witch. There was alot of excitement when he decided to fly solo & create his own business. Now Yunus is married with 2 young kids. His natural talent for creating beautiful colours is by far the best we have experienced. We can always trust that our fabrics are in good hands.


Meet Sigit. He has been working with us for 5 years now. Started when he was just a teen & has been a keen learner. He learnt his trade with us and now is a valued fabric cutter. Sigit is a proud father & husband. He loves his chill time & spending time with his son.

Pak Ribut

Pak Ribut specialises in sewing knit fabrics. He is a weapon on that sewing machine. Pak Ribut has graced us with his presence for 6 years now. One of his most proud moments in his life is being able to build a house in his village. Pak Ribut is a father to one & is grateful for his health as well as his family.

Finishing Ladies

Meet the wonderful finishing ladies who have decided to give your clothing the final tick of approval. From the left is Bu Wayan, Bu Dewi & Bu Julia.

Bu Wayan has been with us from the very beginning when she let us work out of her garage for a year. She makes the best Vegan food and my favourite is her crunchy mushrooms.

Bu Dewi is a pocket rocket and has a smile that will light up any room. She is the mother of 2 childen & has been working with us for 9 years now.

Bu Julia is our newest team member and has a larger than life personality. Mother of 3 children & really grateful to be able to support her entire family.