Milk for Humans

Cow's milk is for baby cows. Not for humans to steal.


Each time you wear this statement you are helping people to question why they think it's normal, natural & a necessity to drink the breast milk of another species.

Who we are

We are a community of like minded people
we give a shit about our health,
the environment and animals.

We know the life of another being
is not worth the momentary pleasure
in our mouths or the devastation that
animal agriculture causes on the planet.

Educate. Empower. Change the world.

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Dairy nutrition

If you drink cow juice for calcium,
don't be offended when I offer you urine for vitamin C.

Why our Vegan Products?

Ethically made

Each piece is made by craftsmen & tailors in our own production house in Bali.

Exchange + Returns

Shop without the risk.

Free 30 day returns + exchanges.

Free Shipping

Free shipping worldwide* with

compostable packaging.

Meet the Makers

This is where your bags, purses & wallets are crafted.
It’s where your t-shirts are cut, sewn, printed and packed with care. Vegan Leather Co. own and operate our production house with 30 employees to make sure quality is high and staff feel respected.


Join us to plant the seeds of Veganism everyday.
The animals + mother earth needs us all.

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