Simply by owning your Vegan Leather Co. Leather Goods you are supporting traditional craftsmanship & ethical working conditions.

We are really grateful for you wanting to know who has helped to bring your piece to life.

Together we can start to rebuild the industry.

Simply by rocking these leather goods you are planting seeds of change to help grow a better world.

Finishing Ladies

Meet the wonderful finishing ladies who have decided to give your leather goods the final tick of approval. From the left is Bu Wayan, Bu Dewi & Bu Julia.

Bu Wayan has been with us from the very beginning when she let us work out of her garage for a year. She makes the best Vegan food and my favourite is her crunchy mushrooms.

Bu Dewi is a pocket rocket and has a smile that will light up any room. She is the mother of 2 childen & has been working with us for 9 years now.

Bu Julia is our newest team member and has a larger than life personality. Mother of 3 children & really grateful to be able to support her entire family.

Pak Joko

Meet Pak Joko all the way from the centre of Java. He is an oldschool leather craftsmen and has applied the skills of his trade to our plant leathers. When first working with our Cactus Leather he was blown away that it didnt come from a goat, cow or lamb. Pak Joko is very proud to be able to work and provide for his family. He has 2 adult children who both live in Central Java.

Pak Yono

Meet Pak Yono, the big boss in town. The fire he has inside him to create an ethical production house burns from 15 years of working in sweatshops all around Asia. He has worked for all the big sportswear labels and knows what it feels like to be treated unfairly. 95% of our staff that he has recruited have chosen to continue working with us over the past decade. He grew up living a very simple life & is dedicated to providing a better life for his family. He is a hard worker, compassionate boss, great problem solver and has metaculous attention to detail. Pak Yono is an absolute legend to say the least.

Pak Pristiono

Meet Pak Pristiono our newest Leather Craftsmen. He specialises in crafting your handbags, crossbody bags, duffles & backpacks. Just like Pak Joko this is the first time he has worked with Cactus or Pineapple Leather. He is intrigued and surprised of the durability. He has 3 children who are Mentari 28, Bayu 21 & Bintang 11. On Sundays he loves to excercise & and prides himself on being a compassionate man.

Support Crew

Meet Mas Kiki, Mas Resa & Pak Irwan.

Mas Kiki's village is in the East of Java, a boat ride away from Bali. He has been working with us for the last 2.5 years & on Sundays he loves to chill.

Mas Resa has waged war against all vegetables. He has been with us for 6.5 years since he was a teen & his life goal is to own 2 motorbikes.

Pak Irwan is the father to 12yr old Nevan. He is proud to be able to provide for his family & on Sundays he enjoys household chores to prepare for the week.