The Vegan Leather Co. Story

Vegan Leather Co. are the unapologetic rebels of the leather goods space.
Each of our leather goods are created to empower earth conscious humans to plant seeds of change, ignite important conversations & unfuck the world.

We are proud to be at the forefront of the Vegan Revolution creating lasting pieces with Cactus Leather, Pineapple Leather, Canvas, Linen & Organic Cotton.

We refuse to work with any sweatshops.

To uphold our priority of fair treatment of all staff we choose to operate our own production house so that we can be certain every person comes to work feeling valued and safe.

You will notice the epic workmanship in each piece made with premium fabrics, quality threads, sewn with precision and under rigorous quality control. See for yourself here.

The idea of creating innovative leather goods became a reality in 2018. We are beyond grateful to have the opportunity to connect with a community of like minded people that give a shit about their health, the environment and animals.

Jarrod Holdsworth,

Vegan Leather Co. Founder

We question the society that we have been brought up in. Now we know that a quick shower won’t do shit when compared to the impact on the environment we can make by replacing animal products with plants.

Our intention is that when you rock one of our leather goods we want you to feel empowered that each choice you make, no matter how seemingly small it may be, makes a difference. Each small act accumulates to big impact. Together we are making a difference.

Amy Camilleri

Vegan Leather Co. Founder