Welcome to the Vegan Revolution

 We are committed to empowering everyday people to become better humans. 

We have a community of like minded people that give a shit about their health, environment and animals. We know the life of another being is not worth the momentary pleasure in our mouths or the devastation animal agriculture causes on the planet.  

When you wear one of our t-shirts, hats or rock one of our leather goods we want you to feel empowered that each choice you make, no matter how seemingly small it may be makes a difference. The common excuse of ‘one person won’t make a difference’ is a lazy persons cop out. Each small act accumulates to big impact. 

Together we are making a difference. 

We now question the society that we have been brought up in. From the day we removed the blindfold we have been hungry to know the truth about the foods we eat and we have deepened the understanding that the life of sentient beings are not ours to take.  Now we know that a quick shower won’t do shit when compared to the impact on the environment we can make by cutting out animal products.  

Each piece we create are tools to connect with other vegans to feel that you are not alone in a world that is fuelled by anti-vegan marketing and the people that believe it. 

Sweatshops are fucked. So we refuse to use one. Instead we decided to make our own production house so that we can be certain every person comes to work feeling valued and safe. You will notice this in each piece made with premium fabrics, quality threads, sewn with precision and under strict quality control. See for your self here. 

No longer do we believe the lies. We were angry for being lied to and now we have transformed that anger into the power to inspire change. 

Big Love, 

Amy & Jarrod